The org chart is dead. Welcome to the age of networks.


Complete Network Analysis maps networks of relationships and reveals how they drive organisations.

Organisations are no longer defined by reporting lines.

Successful organisations are driven by networks and relationships.

And that’s what we map with Complete Network Analysis.

Benefits //

Save money by targeting your investment on the people and initiatives that will transform your business

Identify which parts of your business are well connected and which parts are disconnected from each other.

Benchmark your leadership team and identify areas of focus to accelerate performance.

Identify the people most at risk of exit and those who may need more support to enhance their performance.

Step change your talent pool management by understanding who is the most influential and in demand.

Quantify whether and where in your organisation there maybe diversity and inclusivity or equity issues.


Our numbers speak for themselves

Our approach is big data meets human relationships, where you can effectively and accurately benchmark your organisation.


Clients //

We work with great companies.

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